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Meatpacking meets Williamsburg at this Industrial chic Italian fine foods purveyor nestled into the Brooklyn waterfront, serving fresh pastas and authentic neapolitan pizzas for lunch and brunch, before trasforming into an intimate dinner spot and music venue at night.

The name FACTORY is a homage to the extraordinary history of the neighborhood, once characterized by active manufacturing (most notable the Domino Sugar Factory, once the largest refinery in the US).

The warehouse-like digs come complete with exposed plumbing and murals of the city skyline.

The music program is directed by the famed Andy Rourke of The Smiths and hosted by Fred King and others.

FABBRICA | THE FACTORY –¬†Restaurant, Bar, Lounge and Music Venue is conveniently located by the Williamsburg Waterfront, at the corner of North 6th Street and Kent Avenue.

Award-winning architectural firm Ogawa-Depardon has put its signature on the extraordinary interior design. The vast theatrical space is decorated by a large mural created by the acclaimed Brooklyn artist Olalekan Jeyifous, aka as LEk. www.vigilism.com

Fabbrica is the perfect spot to celebrate one of New York’s most exciting neighborhoods.